Our MISSION at Progressus IT Group. 

That your company have the optimal 360° ADVANCED Customer-Centric IT systems uniquely supporting your global business.

What we do BEST and with 25 years of experience. 

Intelligent & in real-time FIRSTLINE worker SaaS platforms & solutions.

Metaverse business and Customer oriented SaaS platforms & solutions.

NEXT generation of cloud analytic A.I and M.L SaaS platforms & solutions.

That’s why we can help your company to ACCOMPLISH;

Due to INTELLIGENT direct customer engagement and emphatically listening, this can help your company to improve your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer retention.

With a SUCCESSFUL Metaverse business platform, it becomes easier to improve customers experience that also will improve your company’s future business growth.

Based upon Reach & Acquisition & Conversion & Retention and Loyalty data insights, combined with AI and ML, this ensures your company PRECISE Customer Lifetime Valuation (CLV).

How we plan to work TOGETHER with your company.

Introduction phase & Workshops phase.

Data gathering phase & Analytical phase.

Implementation phase
& Optimizing phase.

Progressus IT Group CSR strategy (The 3Ps of CSR)

Progressus IT Group warrants that ALL our work is delivered within the framework of our “Make our planet a better world” believe and in everything we do, and we strive every day to promote green sustainability, firm inclusion, and equality for all.


We also care DEEPLY about the issues that shape society and the future of the planet, and all us at Progressus IT Group, are diverse and engaged in our various communities.


Finally, we have enhanced our CSR strategy with various Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) objectives, hence CSR and ESG is in all our HEARTS of all we do and stand for at Progressus IT Group.

CONTACTING Progressus IT Group

Let's connect, and for you to learn what Progressus IT Group on Interim basis can do ALSO for your company.

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Friday : 9AM – 6PM

Main Office Number

+45 65 74 48 46

A free introductory meeting
We would very much like to present Progressus IT Group for you, and for you to learn what Progressus IT Group can do ALSO for your company.
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